How Much Does It Cost To Paint A Roof?

Cost To Paint A Roof

Painting your roof is a great way to improve the look of your house and increase its value. If you’re wondering how much it will cost you to paint your roof we’ve outlined in the article below what’s involved and the main factors that will affect your roof painting cost.

Roof painting cost can be hugely inconsistent and will vary from company to company. Depending on who you work with, you’ll get different answers when you enquire about the cost of roof painting.

When it comes to roof painting costs, there are no standard prices as the specific needs of your unique roof all contribute to the overall cost.

The main thing influencing roof paint costs is the differing elements of each home. The factors that determine the cost of a roof painting project include: roof size and design, scope of project, extent of repairs, extent of cleaning, materials chosen, labour and accessibility.

What Does The Roof Painting Process Involve?

If you don’t know very much about the roof painting process you may assume it just involves cracking open a tin of paint, grabbing a brush and going for it. But there are actually far more steps involved in the roof painting process than just the painting part.

So beware of people who quote very low prices, as they may be skipping crucial steps that will be detrimental to the longevity of your roof! A professional roof painting process should always include the following:

Cleaning of the roof

Before painting a roof, it will need to be cleaned with a high-pressure machine. Much like when you repaint the interior walls of your house or a piece of furniture, you always clean the surfaces first (and even do some light sanding) to ensure the best results. The same principle applies to roof painting. There’s no point in painting a roof if it isn’t clean first.

Repair of the roof

Sometimes you may have cracked or broken tiles on your roof—or other damage to your roof—that should be fixed before painting. After all, there’s not much point trying to make your roof look new by painting it, but ignoring damage. If you’re going to paint, you will need your roof fixed too.

Painting of the roof using a roof membrane

Don’t just use paint on your roof, use the best roof coatings on the market as you get so much more value for your money. At RoofingCorp we recommend the Dulux Acratex roof membrane. Ideal for tiled or metal roofing - Roof Membrane Next Generation is a full residential roof restoration system, offering a high build membrane coating up to 3 times thicker than conventional roofing paints.

Other factors to consider

Also, when you're comparing roof painting quotes, don't just go for the cheapest price. Ask what kind of preparation work a roof painter is going to do first, as just sweeping a roof isn't enough. Depending on the type of roof you have and its condition, a roof painter may also:

  • Pressure clean the roof to help the paint adhere
  • Replace damaged tiles
  • Repoint and rebed
  • Apply a primer coat before painting
  • Paint multiple coats if required

What Factors Will Affect The Roof Painting Cost?

There is no flat fee for roof painting, as every job is different. But there are some common factors that will play a big role in determining the final cost. These include:

How big is the roof?

The size of the roof is obviously a very important factor when calculating a roof painting cost. Quite simply, if the roof is large, the more product is needed to do the job.

What condition is the roof in?

If the roof is damaged, then it will need to be repaired before painting. The amount of damage to the roof will affect the overall roof painting cost.

What is the access to the roof?

All roofs are different and two roofs of the same square metres may cost different prices. When calculating the roof painting cost, some smaller factors that roof painters look for include:

  • If the roof is too steep for roof painters to stand on and they need to hire a hoist
  • If the roof has a complex design that makes painting or access difficult
  • Whether the roof is a one or two storey home (roof painting is cheaper for single storey roofs)
  • Other access difficulties

Roof Painting Cost Estimate

The cost to paint a roof could be anywhere between $2,000 - $10,000, including labour and materials. Although, the actual cost of a roof painting project can only be determined after we complete an on-site roof inspection. Without assessing and inspecting the roof, we will not be able to provide you with an appropriate and tailored quote.

To give you a rough estimate of roof painting costs including a professional roof painting process, here are some estimates based on the size of the roof:

  • Small house: $2000–$3500
  • Medium house: $3500–$5000
  • Large house: $5000–$10000

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