What Causes A Roof To Leak?

What Causes A Roof To Leak?

What Are The Most Common And Not So Common Causes Of Roof Leaks In Sydney


While discovering you have a damaged roof is very easy with obvious signs like stains on the ceiling and wet patches on the floor, it is a much harder job to find the source of the leak. Water has the tendency to travel a far way, which makes it difficult to locate the entry point of the drip.

Leaking roof doesn’t just affect your roof and your ceiling – it can impact the whole structural integrity of your house. A lot of property owners don’t realise this, but by the time water is dripping through your ceiling, your leak has probably been in existence for several months.

There are a limitless number of problems that could be causing your leaking roof. But they all share one thing in common: they let water into your home when it shouldn't be. From a minor inconvenience to an expensive nightmare, leaking roofs in Sydney must not be ignored.

So in this post, we’ll take a close look at the most common (and not so common) causes of roof leaks in Sydney that we have experienced.

Roof Leak Diagnosis

The first step in fixing your leaking roof is the diagnosis. Just like any sort of repair job, you can’t implement a solution without knowing the root cause of the problem.

By closely and methodically going over all areas of the roof a roof leak detection expert such as our specialists at RoofingCorp can provide Sydney residents with an accurate assessment of the health and condition of the property’s roofing structure, from its highest point through to its guttering.

A roof leak diagnosis includes the following:

  • Condition of all roofing materials
  • Condition of the roof tiles
  • Condition of the roof valleys
  • Condition of the ridge capping
  • Condition of roof flashings
  • Condition of all gutters
  • Condition of all skylights
  • Identification of any obstructions such as leaves, debris or foreign objects

Common Causes Of Roof Leaks In Sydney

Missing Or Broken Roof Tiles

Broken roof tiles are often one of the most obvious causes of leaking roofs. Interestingly enough, roof tiles are very sturdy and have quite a long lifespan and won’t usually break on their own. Generally, some outside force is necessary to cause enough impact to break them. This could come in the form of a fallen tree limb, a heavy object being thrown by a child, or even someone walking on the roof.

Rain, Wind, Hail And Storm Damage

Even the most sturdy roof is no match for Sydney’s unpredictable weather, where hail can be the size of a golf ball. Our weather conditions can be quite severe in winter, strong winds of up to 100kph, large sized hail, flash flooding and falling trees are common.

Missing Ridge Tiles Or Ridge Cap Problems

Ridge caps are the tiles or shingles that protect your roof where two angles meet at the peaks of your roof. These are one of the most important elements to diverting rain water off of the roof. When they are improperly installed or if they are damaged, leaking roofs will follow. Over time, you can expect the pointing and bedding beneath your ridge caps to deteriorate, even if they were installed perfectly. So, if your roof is particularly old, this could definitely be the source of your leaks.

Faulty Chimney Waterproofing

Anywhere that angles meet on your roof is a potential threat for leaks. Chimneys have four separate walls, which means four separate chances for something to go wrong. Typically, flashing is installed at the lines where your chimney and roof meet in order to prevent water seepage. Over time, though, or due to faulty installation, the flashing fails. Often, the cause is rust or cracking.

Damaged And Clogged Gutters

Your gutters are a critical element of your home’s water protection system. If the roof does its job to get the water flowing downward, your gutters are meant to help channel it safely away from your home in an orderly manner. Poorly installed gutter guards can also clog up your gutters which will of course then lead to a leak. You can often tell if gutters are your problem simply by inspecting them visually. If they are stuffed with leaves, twigs, or even growing a little garden, cleaning them out may resolve your leaking roof.

Plumbing Issues

Pipes that run to your roof can also be a major source of leaks because, just like chimneys, they add an extra region that needs to be sealed. If you have vent pipes, exhaust flues, fan ducts, or other plumbing that runs through your roof, inspect the sealing around the exit point for cracks or deterioration.

Flashing Faults

Flashing the edge of your roof is one of the most important steps to any roof installation. A roofer needs to find a balance between aesthetics and functionality. When it’s done incorrectly, leaking can be almost immediate—even on a brand new roof. Likewise, over time, flashing may become damaged, worn, and cracked. Whether it’s due to poor installation or just time and environmental issues, faulty flashing will need to be repaired if you want your leaks to stop.

Solar Panel Issues

One of the most common concerns from homeowners seeking solar panel installation is the potential for roof leaks. In truth, solar panels should not cause your roof to leak, as long as they are properly installed by a licensed professional. However, if your solar panels were installed by people who did not really know what they were doing, they could have easily damaged your roof during the process.

Deteriorating Skylights

Skylights work wonders for adding much needed natural light to the darker corners of your home. But they are also a common source of leaking roofs in Sydney. For starters, they are an interruption to the normal function of your roof, so there is much room for error if they aren’t installed properly. Additionally, your skylight probably doesn’t have as long of a life span as your roof. So it could start leaking even if the rest of your roof is in tip top shape. Finally, leaves, dirt, and other debris can collect around your skylight, causing water to pool and eventually leak into your home rather than slide off the roof the way it is meant to.

At RoofingCorp We Provide Professional Roof Leak Repairs In Sydney

Our years of experience and success with residential and commercial roof repairs have given us the knowledge to not only repair your roof leaks but also advise you on preventative measures and suitable guttering, downpipes, rainheads and overflows that can keep further leakage from occurring.

At RoofingCorp our leaking roof repairs Sydney process is designed to identify leaks, repair and prevent them from occurring again. We’ve seen it all at RoofingCorp, and we know how to fix just about any problem you can imagine. So, you can rely on the professional and friendly team at RoofingCorp to provide you with top-notch leaking roof repairs in Sydney.

Whatever the nature of your roof leaks, we are here to help. Whether you’ve got one leak or a hundred, our specialists at RoofingCorp can diagnose the source of your leaks and implement the best, most affordable solutions to keep unwanted water out of your home. Don’t risk the value of your property and the comfort of your family for another moment.

If you’re looking for an inspection and quote for a roof leak detection or repair service or if you just have some questions, contact our experts today.

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