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With over 30 years of experience, the RoofingCorp team are the roof painting North Shore experts that you can trust to get the job done right the first time. Our house roof painting North Shore will help you rejuvenate your roof, ensuring it continues to protect your family whilst adding value by improving your home's street appeal.

Roof painting not only gets your roof looking brand new again but is an affordable way to breathe new life into your home.

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Have you checked on the condition of your roof lately? If so, you might have noticed it fading or being outdated. This is not uncommon, especially amongst houses and businesses in the North Shore area. Harsh sunlight and weather can easily degrade your roof paint, particularly if it is not applied correctly.

If you’ve noticed a problem, like most people, you probably jumped online and begun searching for, ‘Roof Painting North Shore‘ or ‘Roof Painters North Shore‘. Fortunately, our team at RoofingCorp offer a wide range of roof painting solutions, so you can stop your search with RoofingCorp!

The RoofingCorp team has over 30 years experience when it comes to roof painting North Shore, so we know what works. We take pride in each of our jobs and prepare every roof meticulously before painting. Backed by our experience, we select the finest and most durable paints so that your roof gains an immaculate finish.

Whether you’re preparing your home for sale, or would simply like to give it a facelift, the team at RoofingCorp have what you need. A roof painting North Shore service from our experts will do the job while reinforcing the necessary protection.

Why Choose Us?

If you are looking for a professional roofing contractor who can offer you roof painting North Shore services at the best price, you are at the right place.

  • We have over 30 years of roofing industry experience in North Shore
  • We have all appropriate qualifications, licenses and insurances
  • We only use the best quality products for all our services
  • We provide free quotes & inspections
  • We pride ourselves on the quality of our services
  • We provide value for money with reasonably prices services
  • We have over 120 5-Star Google reviews with an aggregate of 4.9 stars!

Our Roof Painting North Shore Process

Painting roofs requires a big amount of care and preparation, if it is to be completed properly. Everything must be done with precision, from preparing the roof and selecting the paint, to applying each coat correctly. With RoofingCorp, you can rest assured we will follow the roof painting process to perfection. Having worked in the industry for over three decades we are very familiar with each step of the roof painting process and we do it with excellence.

To achieve the optimum results, we approach each of our North Shore roof painting projects on a job-by-job basis. By doing this, we ensure that you receive roof care that is tailored to your roof in particular. Our team of North Shore roof painters will ensure that your roof is prepared thoroughly before painting and we help you select the most suitable roof paint.

North Shore Roof Painting

After the painting is complete, with the accuracy of air paint spraying, your roof will come up looking brand new. Our team of skilled roof painters pride themselves on attention to detail and will provide you with a beautiful result.

To maintain and enhance the roof surface, we use Colorbond paints, made specifically for roofs, which withstand the conditions of a normal roof. Our skilled professionals never skimp on the amount of material we use, adhering to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Our roof painting North Shore comes in a variety of colours to suit every customer.

It is surprising how much a professional house roof painting North Shore job from RoofingCorp can improve the overall look of your property, with the process working out considerably cheaper than a full roof restoration.

Need Help Choosing The Right Roof Paint?

RoofingCorp boasts some of the most experienced roof painters in North Shore, so you are guaranteed the best in service and results. We draw from our extensive industry knowledge to make sure that your roof is painted to an immaculate standard. Our team includes expert estimators, who will work with you to match your roof with the ideal paint.

Some of the roof paints we use even incorporate reflective heat technology, which improves their durability, as well as the comfort of your home. At RoofingCorp, we strive to bring you a wide range of benefits. Our quality roof paints are a result from our partnerships with Colorbond. Our Colorbond roof paints prevent corrosion and decay of almost any material that your roof is made of.

Along with protection, we have the best and the brightest range of colours that are appropriate for your roof. This means that there is an enhancement in colour retention along with durability and overall protection for your roof.

At RoofingCorp, we provide exceptional roof painting North Shore services you can’t go past. With our many years of experience providing roof tile painting North Shore we have built an in-depth knowledge of roofing techniques, materials and technologies, allowing us to complete impeccable roof painting North Shore services for countless satisfied clients.

Colorbond Roof Painting North Shore

Roof Painting North Shore Cost

Roof painting North Shore cost could be anywhere between $2,000 - $10,000 to paint your house’s roof, including labour and materials. Although, the actual cost of a roof painting North Shore project can only be determined after we complete an on-site roof inspection. Without assessing and inspecting the roof, we will not be able to provide you with an appropriate and tailored quote.

Roof painting North Shore cost can be hugely inconsistent and will vary from company to company. However, the main thing influencing roof paint costs is the differing elements of each home. The factors that determine the cost of a roof painting North Shore project include: roof size and design, scope of project, extent of repairs, extent of cleaning, materials chosen, labour and accessibility.

We Have The Experience & Skills You Can Trust

Has your rooftop faded over the years, or been affected by severe weather? At RoofingCorp we can give your roof a brand-new look with our professional roof tile painting North Shore.

When it comes to roof painting North Shore, it is essential that you have access to a team of local experts. RoofingCorp will be prompt and ready! With a great team of knowledgeable tradesmen, we can deliver your project on time and on budget.

Roof Painters North Shore

When looking for the best roof painting North Shore has to offer, you need to look for experience and professionalism. RoofingCorp exudes both of these qualities. With years of first-hand experience, excellent training coupled with passionate and professional staff, it’s clear to see why RoofingCorp is the best option for you.

We have the most efficient team of experts with experience and skills you can trust. All jobs big or small are undertaken by our professional and experienced team of workers who take pride in completing a job well done. The quality of our workmanship is extremely important to us, not only to provide outstanding results for our customers, but also to maintain our reputation as the roof painting North Shore specialists.

When it comes to hiring a roof painting North Shore company, it is vital to hire a professional and experienced company for your roof painting tasks to avoid any sorts of issues and losses in the long run. No other roof painting North Shore company can provide you better services than RoofingCorp.

We have been providing roof painting North Shore services for over 30 years successfully handling a large number of roofs of all types. We have a team of dedicated experts who can take care of all types of damages on the roof and provide it a new look with top-notch roof painting skills. We are a company you can trust and rely on.

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At RoofingCorp we are proud of our proven track record of excellence that ensures that we’re the best team for a roof painting North Shore task. Nothing satisfies us more than to have our customers happy with our level of commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction. Should you need more information, our contact lines are open.

What sets us apart from our competition is that when you contact RoofingCorp you will be dealing directly with the local roofer who will take the time to understand your needs and provide you with expert advice from the moment of your very first call. Dealing directly with the local roofer allows you to discuss all the particulars of your job specifically with the person who will be completing your work.

If you’re looking for an inspection and quote for a roof painting North Shore service or if you just have some questions, contact our experts today.

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